• Check out our Online Auction!

    Today we launched our first ever online auction, through Bidding for Good, to raise additional funds for treatment services! Please check out our auction (see link below) - we have some great items ... 7 nights at a beautiful oceanside property in Mexico, a Moab adventure package, tickets to Red Butte Garden and Deer Valley Music Festival, dinner for two at Hell’s Backbone Drill, a trip for two to the Cliff Spa at Snowbird Resort, and so much more!

  • It's a LAUNCH!

    Today, we officially launched our pay for success program - REACH. We are grateful for Salt Lake County government, Sorenson Impact Center, Third Sector Capital Partners, University of Utah's Criminal Justice Center, Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P), our pay for success investors, and all of our partners for making this possible.

  • A Different Future

    Last night, SLC Police Chief Mike Brown visited First Step House with five police officers and a social worker. They came to talk to the men in treatment as a result of Project Diversion. Project Diversion, also known as "Special Project" is a multi-agency effort established to provide immediate access to substance abuse and mental health treatment for homeless people struggling with addiction and criminal involvement. Last night, the police officers came to have dinner.

  • YES, we CAN!

    Thank you to all 170 donors for helping us SURPASS our $15K Love Utah, Give Utah goal. Thanks to all of you we raisaed $15,800 for treatment scholarships. More Treatment = Saving Lives. So, we thank you. Truly.

  • March Madness is Here!

    It is March which means...March Madness...budding tulips...and..drum roll...Love Utah, Give Utah! Our biggest annual 24-hour fundraiser to raise funds for TREATMENT SCHOLARSHIPS is just around the corner on March 30th! But you can actually schedule your donation today! Yes, it's true - no need to wait until March 30th to make your donation - you can visit our Razoo page and enter your info and we will receive it on the 30th.

  • ACA and the Opioid Epidemic

    Although we are making progress in our response to the opioid epidemic in our nation, repealing the ACA could negatively impact access to treatment and our ability to sustain this progress. Please check out this article!